Monthly Archives: June 2011

Fingerless Gloves

….well, more like Fingerless Glove at the moment, as there’s only one finished.


“Feather Lace” fingerless gloves – the feather part of the name comes from the ridges on the outside of the glove, which don’t show up too well with the darker wool.

Knitted to my own glove pattern, using the lace pattern from Knit Today for the feather lace detailing 🙂

Just need to knit the other glove now – hopefully the multicoloured wool will be mainly blue and not overly purple for that one, otherwise they won’t look like a pair! And with a bit of luck I’ll have them finished for Christmas…. ….maybe Christmas 2012?

Sierra the Cat

Meet Sierra the Cat :0)
SieraKnitted for a friend’s Christmas present, from the Twins Knit “Borys the Cat” pattern. It’s my first attempt at this pattern, and came out surprisingly well!

Noses aren’t my speciality, but it does give the cat a quirky personality.

Ah, that new blog smell….

I have finally got around to creating this blog – only several months after I first thought of it, but better late than never!

cakeDragon’s Flame Designs covers several different things, including website design, hand-made cards, and knitted / crocheted items, but this blog is purely for my knitting and crochet. Some items I knit are from patterns I’ve come across in magazines or I’ve bought from others, and some items are created from patterns I’ve made myself.

I’ve been knitting now for just over a year (my Gran taught me how to knit many years ago, but it wasn’t until last year that I picked up the needles and started knitting again), and my favourite items to knit have to be teddy bears…. alothough I am notorious for starting a project and not finishing it!