Monthly Archives: July 2011

Works in progress

….yep, I seem to have taken on a little too much in the knitting line (again). I’ve got a few projects for Christmas that I want to finish, a couple I still need to start(!), and a few other things that are sitting on the needles, that are crying out to be completed.


I’m banning myself from buying any more wool, until I’ve used some of my stash at least, unless it’s black or white wool, as I can usually make use of that. And I want to try and catch up with the “on the needles” projects before this time next year…. at least to finish one of them 😉

I decided to try knitting more the Möbius scarf that I started last year…. I’ve started the first colour change about half way through the pattern, but at over 200 stitches in each round, it seems to take forever to get one round finished. I’m determined to get this one done for Christmas though. The gilet might have to wait for Mother’s Day instead!

Finally finished….

…. knitting Morris the Mouse!!
The second mouse I’ve ever completed from Alan Dart‘s pattern, and I didn’t mess up sewing the legs this time, so he can stand on his own two paws and not fall over 🙂


He was knitted as an “almost” match (I ran out of the raspberry shade of pink wool) to Amusing Cat.