Monthly Archives: August 2011

Blanket Squares

My first ever (real) blanket squares, as I don’t count the squares I made when I was learning to knit…. they didn’t even come out square *blushes*


I decided to try my hand at knitting at least a few squares for Simply Knitting’s campaign to get knitted blankets for Refuge. My first attempt for this was the knitted hearts square. The only squares I’d ever tried to knit before that were knitted from the base up, and never really came out particularly square. This one was knitted from the corner, starting with one stitch, then knitted along the diagonal, so it came out a lot better than my previous “squares”.

Having finished that one, I bought the set of patterns, and noticed a crochet square pattern lurking in there. Now the only things I’ve managed to crochet before, have been a jumper for a teddy bear, and a hairband (crochet patterns look so confusing I’ve never got further than the first line). But I decided to perservere with this one, and see how far I got.









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