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Bears and Squares…. well, just Bears actually

And here we have a selection of bears for the Bears and Squares knitting campaign from Simply Knitting….

Badger bear was finished quite a while ago, but I’d stored him in the hope of eventually knitting his ears…. but I think without them, he looks like a badger, so this is how he’ll stay 🙂

Sophie Bear is crocheted, complete with a crochet dress. I still need to work on getting my stitches tighter (I used the smallest hook I had), but I think she came out quite well all the same 🙂 What Sophie bear would be complete without a few friends? These are a couple of bookworms I knitted last year – they didn’t look quite as good as I thought they would though….

And because the purple bookworm wouldn’t stand up on its own, I had to get Sophie bear to hold that one as well *laughs*

And working on one of the older patterns I have for a knitted bear, the last one (who doesn’t actually have a name yet!) was knitted with two strands of wool, so he’s a nice cuddly size, with a mottled effect in his colours 😀




Another plushie bear

More from the last year – one day I’ll get my blog sorted and update it more often!


Old Fashioned Bear (with Amusing Cat, just for size comparison) 🙂 I’m really pleased with how he came out – he was knitted with two strands of wool to make him extra large 😀


Older knitted creations

I just realised that I’ve not updated my blog with my older knitted creations, so without further ado, here they are…. *drumroll*



The first two standing bears I ever knitted…. and as you can tell, I got in a mess with which row was a knit and which was a purl on the blue one.









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