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Hello out there!

I know it’s been a while since I posted, but rest assured I’ve been busy sewing. Things have been a little hectic here, so I’ve not had as much opportunity to blog. Hopefully though, everything will quieten down a little, so I can get back to my regular weekly blog posts!

Knickers again!

With two weeks to go, Kerala Crafts have just £455 to go, to reach their target of £1,200, to purchase an industrial sewing machine for one of their projects in Southern India – a small co-operative of women, who sew clothes to sell locally, and also create Fair Trade knickers that are sold in the UK, with all profits going back to India, helping to fund various community projects.

That’s just £32.50 a day that Kerala Crafts need now, to reach their target…. but if they don’t get to 100%, then they get absolutely nothing 🙁

So, lets see if we can raise enough money to get these ladies the sewing machine that will enable them to meet the demand for these Fair Trade pants, which in turn will bring more funding to community projects as well!

Even a donation of £1 helps, and if you can’t afford that, or don’t want to, then a mention on your blog, or a post on twitter will help!

It’s been a while

It’s definitely been a while since I added any posts here, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy with knitting & crochet!

Meet “Rose the Duck” knitted for a friend’s young child. I added the little rose under the wing, just for a unique look 🙂

Knitted Duck


Using Alan Dart’s Nursery Rhyme Mice pattern for the basic mouse body, I decided I wanted to try making a Gandalf Mouse…. so, meet MouseDalf!


I have also knitted Bilbo, but I don’t have a photo of him yet 😉

And just in time for the third series of Sherlock to begin, meet Sherlock Mouse (ok, I know he is still missing his deerstalker hat, but he can still try and solve crimes)


Currently I’m working on a gift for a friend’s wedding, and a couple of birthday presents – I’ll post pictures once the birthdays & wedding have passed, so I don’t spoil their surprises!


These mice are fan art, and I am not making any profit from these.
The character of Sherlock was created originally by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Bilbo Baggins & Gandalf are from the Hobbit & Lord of the Rings books, by J. R. R. Tolkien.

A little update

I still need to get the photos sorted, but I’ve just finished working on a pattern for Faerie – it came out surprisingly well all considering it was the first time I’d tried making anything that kind of shape before!

My Crochet & Knitting resolutions for the New Year are to finish off some of the projects I have stashed away…. and then I don’t have to keep the wool stashed “just in case” 😀 …. so far I’ve started (and finished) something, but I still haven’t picked a half-finished item to work on. I might just have to reach into the bag with my eyes closed and work on whatever thing I pick out!

Simply Crochet – first edition cover

You know that magazine I mentioned a few days ago? Well, Simply Crochet have been utterly awesome, and sent me a picture of the front cover to share with everyone, so we can see what kind of goodies the very first edition will have!




Simply Crochet is a new magazine, from the makers of Simply Knitting and Mollie Makes, and looking at that front cover, it looks like it’ll be packed with patterns  and ideas 😀

Certainly for me, the dragon amuigurumi pattern, and the new ways with Granny squares will be “must reads”…. and maybe the 3 designs for blankets will help me to actually get my Refuge blanket completed! 🙂

If you’re a bit uncertain if you want to try the magazine or not, they do have a fantastic lauch offer:

So, that should help anyone who’s a little undecided still – be prepared to get “hooked” though *laughs*


And if you just can’t wait for that first issue to be released in the shops, you can always chat away to Simply Crochet on the web, and share your excitement of the new magazine:

Twitter: @SimplyCrochet_
Facebook: /simplycrochetmag
Pinterest: /simpcrochetmag
Ravelry: /groups/simply-crochet

Boots finished :D

And I’ve just finished crocheting the other boot for that plushie – it’s not an *exact* match of the other one, but I think I tidied up the pattern a little, so this one is actually a much better shape.

I added a couple of buttons that were free with a previous edition of Simply Knitting, and they look perfect! 😀


….just waiting now for the first ever edition of Simply Crochet to be released, so I can pick a new project to work on *laughs*

Amazing snail mail

I made a few gifts to send to friends in Amercia this year, and although it was a week after the last posting date for surface mail, I decided that I wouldn’t send them airmail, so surface they went…. a couple of days ago, I had a message from a friend in America, telling me how thrilled she was with her Christmas present (which arrived over 25 days early, even though I sent it late!) 😀

….if only I could get like that with my crochet, and speed up a little *laughs*


At the moment, I’m crocheting a pair of boots for a plushie bear – the seam on the foot of the plushie has split, so to save any more disasters once I’ve stitched it back up, I decided that a pair of boots would be a quirky solution 🙂 I’ve finished one, just a matching one to go (I hate crocheting pairs of items – I can never get the second one to look quite like the first!)

Bears and Squares…. well, just Bears actually

And here we have a selection of bears for the Bears and Squares knitting campaign from Simply Knitting….

Badger bear was finished quite a while ago, but I’d stored him in the hope of eventually knitting his ears…. but I think without them, he looks like a badger, so this is how he’ll stay 🙂

Sophie Bear is crocheted, complete with a crochet dress. I still need to work on getting my stitches tighter (I used the smallest hook I had), but I think she came out quite well all the same 🙂 What Sophie bear would be complete without a few friends? These are a couple of bookworms I knitted last year – they didn’t look quite as good as I thought they would though….

And because the purple bookworm wouldn’t stand up on its own, I had to get Sophie bear to hold that one as well *laughs*

And working on one of the older patterns I have for a knitted bear, the last one (who doesn’t actually have a name yet!) was knitted with two strands of wool, so he’s a nice cuddly size, with a mottled effect in his colours 😀




Another plushie bear

More from the last year – one day I’ll get my blog sorted and update it more often!


Old Fashioned Bear (with Amusing Cat, just for size comparison) 🙂 I’m really pleased with how he came out – he was knitted with two strands of wool to make him extra large 😀