Messenger bag success

I found some fantastic material in the sale at just a pound for a metre, and was wondering what I could use it for. Browsing through the Crazy Little Projects site, I came across Amber’s Messenger Bag tutorial, and decided that would be the perfect use of my bargain material. Of course then I had to find something suitable for the lining as well – cue more shopping!

Messenger Bag

I spent most of the day tackling the cutting & sewing, and considering this is my second ever bag I’ve sewn, it came out looking quite nifty 😀 The orange material I used for the lining is slightly furry to the touch, so it makes the underside of the strap feel slightly padded (as I didn’t use any interfacing or wadding on that at all).

I added a pocket to the inside as well, and although some of the stitching isn’t anywhere near perfect, who would know, to look at it? 🙂


messenger-bag-2-site messenger-bag-3-site


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