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Porker the Pig

I’ve been wanting to try needle felting for a while, but it always seemed quite an expensive thing to try, especially if you don’t know that you will get to grips with it. But I found a pattern for a pig at Tally’s Treasury which sounded like it should be a reasonable first project.

The needle was 1.50 and the felt cost just 40 pence, with enough left over to make another pig.


Porker the Pig – his eyes are scraps of blue felt

I hadn’t realised how easy felt would be to sew on the machine – even with a 1/4 inch seam, it behaved perfectly, not even attempting to ram some of the felt into the bobbin holder! The needle felting was a challenge, as I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, but once the snout started taking shape, I got the hang of it.


Felt is surprisingly challenging to get an accurate photo of! This is Porker’s true colouring

So, here’s Porker the Pig – he needs a little more work on his snout, but other than that, he’s ready and waiting for me to make him a little brother. Apparently one little pig is lonely on his own….


All this modelling for photos is tiring work…. well, his legs are slightly lopsided too, which means he tips over quite easily

Cluing for Looks

Finally, Sherlock Mouse is finished!

Knitted Sherlock Mouse

He took a lot longer to complete than I had anticipated, mainly because I really was uncertain what I was going to do with his hair. Adding in the crocheted deerstalker hat worked perfectly, even if the hat is slightly too big for his head!

The basic mouse pattern uses Alan Dart’s May Day mouse pattern, with suitable colour changes for the trousers & shirt. The scarf and coat were freestyled to make sure they looked just right 🙂 And the hat? That came from an ornament pattern by Kristen Howard on Ravelry.

Seeing as I’d finished Sherlock Mouse, I couldn’t resist trying another Sherlock pattern – Crocheted Consulting Detective by Vilma Ilona. I’ve never tried a crochet pattern quite like this one before, so some of the shaping was a challenge, and I will admit the hair instructions left me completely confused, so I made that up as I went along. The hat is loosely based on the same pattern as SherlockMouse’s, but it was freestyled a bit to make sure it fitted his head properly and covered the mess of hair as well!

His head is slightly loose (blame my lack of stuffing skills for such a small space), but the scarf and coat collar help to make sure it doesn’t flop around too much.Sherlock Crocheted Amigurumi Sherlock Amigurumi


Some of the crochet increases have left gaps in the stitches where the stuffing is showing through, but I can work on those and just sew a few lines across to cover those up (the yarn was a little thinner than normal). That’s also why the trousers & shoes look like they have white sparkles….

But overall, I’m pleased with how Sherlock came out, and now he’s ready to go cluing for looks!