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Long Neck Bear

It’s taken a while to get this bear finished, but here’s my first “minky” bear! I can’t remember where I got the pattern from, but I think it’s the same one I used for my purple furry bear a while ago.

The lack of fur length gives this bear a totally different look – his muzzle seems much longer than the purple bear’s. The only real difference other than the fabric is this bear is unjointed, whereas the purple bear has movable joints.

I think I need to improve my sewing skills when it comes to the neck of unjointed bears though, they always seem to have an elongated neck, which does give them a rather unusual appearance. Maybe this one just needs a scarf to hide that a little….

Purple Bear

Following on from Leopard Bear, I had also bought 50cm of some longer pile fake fur – this had been sitting in a box for a few weeks, while I plucked up the courage to try cutting out the pattern pieces.


Rather than using the same pattern, I found a different one for this bear. The muzzle is longer (this one doesn’t have a chin), but I want to try something even more challenging for this bear – an open mouth! So far I have the head made and trimmed around the muzzle, in readiness for the lower jaw and nose.Once I’ve tackled that, I can add in his ears, then work on the paws!


This fabric sheds even more than the black did, but I hope that once the bear is completely stitched up, that he won’t shed any further!

Leopard Bear

I was browsing the shelves in the fabric shop and came across their small selection of fake fur fabric – it was black but with dark patches, almost like Leopard spots. I decided to take the plunge and buy 50cm to try making a jointed plushie…. my first time of using fake fur, and also the first time I’d ever even looked at bear joints!

Apart from the fur shedding everywhere, and the mistake of using black thread (have you ever tried unpicking black stitches from black fake fur fabric?), I think he came out pretty well! I didn’t trim the muzzle, so this particular bear has no nose…. but from a distance, you wouldn’t know 😉1

His eyes are a little lopsided, but that just gives him a cute, slightly quirky look.


A rush request

I heard from a relative that he was going to be a daddy 😀 ….only trouble is, he told me about 3 weeks from the due date, which didn’t give me much time to make something!

I’ve sewn a couple of messenger bags using the tutorial from Crazy Little Projects before, and knew I could make one in quite a short space of time….  and I’d found the perfect fabric in the sale at just one pound for a metre!

So here we have the Jungle Book Nappy Bag….

Jungle Book Bag (outer flap)

Jungle Book Bag (outer flap)

Jungle Book Bag (back)

Jungle Book Bag (back)

Jungle Book Bag (inner)

Jungle Book Bag (inner)

The panels are (almost) fussy-cut, so the characters lined up nicely. I still can’t get the lining to behave though; it always appears too small when I start, and way too big once I sew the final stitches.

But I couldn’t make something for the parents and not make something for the baby, could I? Using my favourite bear pattern, I knitted Cheshire the Cat-Bear in white and cream yarn which gives him a nice mottled effect. He’s meant to be a bear, but I think his face looks more cat like, so he’s a Cat-Bear 😉

Cheshire the Cat-Bear

Cheshire the Cat-Bear

He should be just the right size for little hands to grab!


Sweet Dreams

I’ve wanted to try machine sewing something for a while, and when I saw that this month’s Sew Crazy Challenge was “Big Dreams” themed, I was inspired to make a teddy bear & a bag – after all, if you wanted a great night’s sleep, what’s better than a cuddly bear & a bag to hold your favourite book?

I had some funky material from The Makery that was sitting around looking for inspiration for a while now, so decided to take the plunge and try making a bag out of that, and some starry fabric for the lining and handles. I followed the excellent tutorial from Diary of a Quilter and actually, I’m quite pleased with how this came out 😀


Some of the stitches on the bag aren’t perfect by any means, and I know my straight lines need practise to get them parallel to the edges, but I’m determined to not be such a perfectionist with things, so it’s definitely good enough for me 😀

And the best thing? I only used half a fat quarter for the outside, and only slightly more for the lining, so I have enough left over to make a second one!


The bear was also my first machine sewn plushie – I need to practise the joints a bit more, but it looks like a bear, and that’s the main thing. I used the Pip Pattern for him (but made it larger than the hand-sewn version), although I did knit the nose, as I fail at trying to sew them!