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A Speedy Knit?

I was browsing through Ravelry and came across what claims to be a one-hour-knit for a baby’s cardigan. I’ve avoided knitting clothing (other than hats) for anyone, as it seems to take forever, and my knitting tension is usually a bit off as I come back to the project the next day.

But a one-hour-knit? That had to be worth trying, even if I wasn’t sure I had the right yarn in my stash.

So, I downloaded the Wee Speedy pattern, picked out two balls of Hayfield Bonus DK yarn (I was right, I didn’t have any chunky yarn that was suitable), and got knitting. It did take me about 3 hours rather than just one, but it’s a lot faster than knitting with just one strand of DK yarn, so I’m happy 😀

The button was from a free gift from a Simply Knitting magazine, and it’s the perfect size, given the size of the buttonhole.

Other than a few stretched stitches under the arms, which I stitched over a few times when I’d finished, I think it came out very well – I just hope it fits, and the little ‘un likes wearing it!