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Zips…. attempt number one

I’ve heard a lot about zips being a nightmare to sew, and seeing as the dress will need an invisible zip, I needed to learn how to at least sew in a regular one. After having made that card pouch, I realised that I also could do with one to hold my reward cards – that way I can find the one I need a little easier than having to pull them all from my purse when I get to the till!


I came across a free pattern at Craft Passion for a zipper card pouch, which sounded just what I needed. I couldn’t get a 9 inch zip (the store only sold them in even numbered lengths), so I went with an 8 inch plastic zip instead. I had some fabric left over from a fat quarter bag, and that worked perfectly for the pouch, with some starry fabric for the lining.


Apart from a slight adventure when I accidentally let the zip pull fly off the open end of the zip, and several tense minutes afterwards, trying to put it back together again, it went quite smoothly!

I will admit my hand sewing skills are relatively non-existent, so I did machine the final seams together, with some top stitching around the outside.


It’s slightly wonky, but it works, and for a first zip, I think it looks pretty neat! 😀 I’ve been using the card pouch for a little while, and it’s holding together perfectly.