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BIG Vintage Sew-along blouse

BV sewalong - badge_thumb

It’s taken a long time, but I have finally finished my BIG Vintage Sew-along vintage-inspired blouse!

As you may remember, I picked a vintage inspired shirt: Butterick 6217, but I hadn’t actually got as far as sorting out the buttons.

Well, after a lot of arguments with the sewing machine because it just didn’t want to sew the one-step buttonhole correctly, I finally have a wearable blouse!


Dragon's Flame Designs - Vintage-Inspired Blouse

I love the style of the sleeves – I might have to ‘borrow’ that pattern piece for other tops! I bought 8 buttons instead of 7, as I felt the buttons would look more balanced if there one was in the centre of each stripe, rather than where the pattern says they’re supposed to be.

The shop didn’t have 8 that matched exactly, so I chose 4 in a slightly lighter shade for the dark stripes, and 4 in a darker shade of red for the white stripes – looking at the photo, you wouldn’t know they weren’t identical buttons!

I definitely need to practise buttonholes, or at least use some stabilising behind the fabric when I stitch them…. half way through most of the holes, the sewing machine suddenly stopped moving the fabric and decided to zigzag a lump of stitches which was a nightmare to unpick!

Overall though, I love the style of the blouse, and I’m pretty happy with how the stripes line up on the front too. Maybe I need to use a slightly ‘nicer’ fabric next time though – polycotton or a pure cotton might be a little more co-operative.

The BIG Vintage Sew-along

I’ve neverBV sewalong - badge_thumb sewn a vintage-style garment before, but when I saw the BIG Vintage Sew-along advertised online, I decided it was worth trying.

I picked a vintage inspired shirt: Butterick 6217, which seems to fit me more accurately than the other tops I’ve tried making so far!

I made a version from a duvet cover to start with, but that was way too big across the chest, and also a bit too low – verging on “indecent” to wear outside!

So this is the sneak peek at my second attempt, made from some fabric I bought in a remnants pack. I took off an inch at the shoulders on the front, adding it back onto the base again, and that seems to have resolved the too-low V-neck problem. I just need to get the buttons attached, then I can get some photos of it actually being worn.