Dragon’s Flame Designs™

Dragon’s Flame Designs™ has covered several different things since I came up with the name, including website design, hand-made cards and other crafts. This blog is mainly devoted to sewing, with a few art, knitting and crochet projects lurking here and there. Just mind the threads on the floor, and don’t trip over the balls of yarn!


I started sewing in 2014, and my first machine-sewn project looked remarkably respectable! I started concentrating on bags and plushies, as the sizing didn’t need to be perfect for those, and I’ve ever written a couple of tutorials to go with my free patterns. In 2017 I decided to be brave and put more effort into making clothing, which has been surprisingly successful! I’m looking to build on that in 2022 and beyond, and to be more adventurous with the projects I attempt.

Affiliate Links

This site does include some affiliate links – those are marked with a *. An affiliate link simply means that I get a small payment if you click through that link and make a purchase. It doesn’t cost you any extra, and simply helps fund my next purchase of fabric!

Brand Ambassador – Minerva

For any Brand Ambassador (previously Product Testing) posts, I was sent the fabric for free, in exchange for writing for their website. All views of the fabric are still my own, and any other items used in that post were purchased by me.
You can follow me on the Minerva site and check out all my guest posts here.

Pattern Testing

Pattern Testing blog posts are marked accordingly. For those, I was given the pattern for free, in exchange for making at least one item from it, and providing feedback for any improvements / corrections that could be made before the pattern goes on general release.

Other Crafts…

Mail Art & drawing

My interest in calligraphy began when I was a teenager, although at that time I didn’t realise that most “calligraphy” pen sets were actually italic nibs which wouldn’t work for the style of calligraphy I wanted to create.
In more recent years, I’ve dabbled in faux calligraphy, dip pen calligraphy (which I still need to practise), and brush calligraphy. I find the best way to practise my calligraphy (and also my drawing) skills, is to use them as mail art for competition entries every month!

I never liked art lessons at school, so it was a surprise when I realised I do actually have some drawing skills. My favourite things to draw are cartoon characters, ranging from The Simpsons to Disney. I still haven’t attempted creating characters of my own – maybe that’ll be something I work on this year.


My Gran taught me how to knit many years ago, but it wasn’t until 2012 that I picked up the needles and started knitting again. My ultimate favourite items to knit have to be teddy bears…. although I am notorious for starting a project and not finishing it!

I’ve not given up on knitting and crochet, but after I started sewing I realised it takes less time and patience, and is easier to get a decent result in the end.

Embroidery & cross stitch

I’ve wanted to get to grips with hand embroidery and cross stitch for ages. I’ve done a couple of small cross stitch kits before, and in 2021 I started a large cross stitch kit…. which hopefully I will work on again this year!