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Simpsons Sarcastic Clerk – mail art

I wasn’t too sure what this Simpsons character is called, but apparently he’s commonly known as “Sarcastic Clerk”. I wanted to incorporate the address into the picture, so I thought the Sarcastic Clerk (who was working as a mechanic in the episode I was watching while drawing this) holding a clipboard with the address on, was a good option.

No calligraphy in this envelope though, as I thought it could be a bit too small for the poor postie to be able to read easily. Maybe next month’s mail art competition envlope will be a calligraphy theme one…

Otto Man – mail art

I’ve drawn most of the main Simpsons characters, but I realised I’ve never drawn Otto the bus driver…. so he’s the feature on my mail art competition envelope this month.

I thought his old-style headphones and hair would be a challenge to draw, but I think Otto Man is one of the easiest Simpsons characters to do a recognisable drawing of!

Faux calligraphy – mail art

I did try a few different ideas for drawings for this envelope, but nothing seemed to be working. So rather than draw something and feel frustrated that it wasn’t up to my usual standard, I decided to just go with a faux calligraphy ‘mail art’ envelope instead.

This also meant I was able to use my metallic gel pens, which do catch the light really well. I think they’d look even better on a darker envelope, although Royal Mail do prefer a white envelope (or at least a white sticker for the address), as their machine struggles to read it otherwise.

Hong Kong Phooey – mail art

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched Hong Kong Phooey, but it’s also a cartoon I’ve only ever drawn once! So what better option for this mail art than Hong Kong Phooey jumping out of the filing cabinet?

As you can probably guess, I didn’t leave myself much space for the address 😛
I skipped any faux calligraphy, to let the illustration stand out better.

Football – mail art

With Euro 2020 taking place, I had to draw a football themed envelope, although I’m not convinced that Donald Duck would get through the entire match without at least a yellow card!

Because I want to make sure the address doesn’t run if the envelope gets wet, I used a permanent pen for the faux calligraphy, and also for the typewriter-style address lettering. Maybe I need to get a permanent brush pen, so I can write the address in ‘proper’ calligraphy!