Sew Long to Poverty

If we want a new sewing machine, most of us can either save up the funds, or use a credit card maybe, to purchase it. But for the women in Malabar Memsahib, a small co-operative set up by Kerala Crafts in southern India, that’s not an option. The ladies in this co-operative make clothes to sell locally, and also make Fair Trade pants for Kerala Crafts, which are then sold in the UK, with all profits going back to community projects in southern India.

The Fair Trade pants have been so popular, that the current sewing machines they have, are struggling to keep up with the demand, so Kerala Crafts wants to purchase an industrial sewing machine for them, which would in turn mean more funds heading back to community projects in southern India, through increased sales of these pants.

But, without our help, these ladies will be stuck with their current machines, unable to get the industrial one they so desperately need, to keep up with the demand! There’s just 7 days remaining on the  Sew Long to Poverty crowdfunder, and they need just £110 more, to get to 100%! If they can’t get to a hundred percent, then they get nothing, so it’s really important that we can help them get that remaining amount!

If you can’t, or would rather not donate, then that’s perfectly fine – but please consider spreading the word to people, so that they might donate

Thank you 🙂


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