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I’ve been working on several sewing projects lately, most of which have yet to be completed for varying reasons! So, here’s a (not so) quick run down of my current UFOs (UnFinished Objects), in the hope it’ll spur me on to get at least one of them completed!

  • First attempt dress: I haven’t worked on this lately, as I’m trying to learn how to do shaping for the bodice, so I can try to get the fit to work. At the moment, the darts don’t line up quite right, the neckline is far too high for me, and the zip doesn’t meet at the back….
    Edit: this one has been shelved indefinitely…. or until I know a lot more about alterations!
  • The jacket:  This is waiting for me to have the patience to try hemming the base. I’m not 100% sure the style suits me, as it has a peplum which does enhance the shape of my rear…. and that doesn’t really need any enhancement. However, I do want to get this finished, so either I need to try hemming on the curved base, or maybe try using some bias binding to cheat a little.
  • Top number 1: My mistake on this one, was to follow the sizing on the Simplicity pattern – instead of working from the finished garment measurements, I worked on the suggested size. As a result, this is way too big right now. The instructions on the sleeve were really hard to follow; after I stitched it on, I realised I’d messed up, so I need to unpick that and redo it. Like the first attempt dress, I need to learn how to alter the top so I can make it a better fit and something I could wear, rather than something that will just sit on a hanger.


  • Top number 2: This one worked a lot better – it’s meant to be a loosely fitting top, and fits quite well. I shelved this while I was getting a couple of buttons for the back loops and haven’t quite had the right amount of patience yet to try sewing them on.
  • Dress number 2: Almost finished, but just needing a couple of adjustments, this was actually made from rough guidelines courtesy of Culture of Thrift. I’m not 100% happy with the style of the skirt part and the left strap needs a bit of work to make it fit properly, but overall considering this wasn’t made from a printed pattern, I’m quite happy with how it fits. Also, it’s proving a good exercise in how to make darts that fit me!
Dress - 2

Following the guidelines at Culture of Thrift

  • Dress number 3: I wasn’t overly inspired by the look of the dress on the magazine cover, and the pattern is designed by the same company as my first attempt, which means there’s the potential there for the fit to be a little out. But after seeing some of the pictures people had posted of the dress as they’d made it, I decided it was worth a try. Using the other half of the duvet cover from the jacket, I’ve got as far the zip…. which is pinned in at the moment, just to figure out the sizing.I need to rework the cuff on the sleeves, as at the moment it seems too tight. I might just make a vent where the seam is and hope that gives enough allowance for my arms to be able to move! The dress itself actually fits me (I did add an inch on the back seams just in case, but I don’t think I’ll actually be needing that!), and I just need to buy and sew in a suitably dark coloured zip, then hem the base of the skirt.


It’s not the most summery of fabrics, as the duvet cover it’s made from was quite heavy. However, that means it shouldn’t be as see-through as the lighter ones, which should save the hassle of figuring out how to line it!

Edit: This dress now becomes my first completed dress 😀


They’re not looking too terrible at the moment – all I need to do now, is get on and finish some all of them!



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