Amazing snail mail

I made a few gifts to send to friends in Amercia this year, and although it was a week after the last posting date for surface mail, I decided that I wouldn’t send them airmail, so surface they went…. a couple of days ago, I had a message from a friend in America, telling me how thrilled she was with her Christmas present (which arrived over 25 days early, even though I sent it late!) 😀

….if only I could get like that with my crochet, and speed up a little *laughs*


At the moment, I’m crocheting a pair of boots for a plushie bear – the seam on the foot of the plushie has split, so to save any more disasters once I’ve stitched it back up, I decided that a pair of boots would be a quirky solution 🙂 I’ve finished one, just a matching one to go (I hate crocheting pairs of items – I can never get the second one to look quite like the first!)

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