Glowing Dragons – finished!

Picking another random item from my UFO pile, these glowing dragon Zen Pants* are my latest finished item! 

I made exactly the same mistake I did with my Chameleon Zen Pants* and ended up with a slightly wavy waistband yet again. I really need to figure out the best length of elastic to use, so I don’t make that mistake again!

But that mistake and the mess of the back pockets aside, these Zen trousers didn’t come out too terribly. They are really comfy, and hopefully the fabric will have a great glow when it’s dark!

I did get a photo of the dragons glowing, although as yet I’ve not been able to get a photo of them glowing while they’re being worn.

* – affiliate link
Pattern: Zen Pants* by 5 out of 4 Patterns
Fabric: Cotton Elastane from Sewing Studio

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